Friday, July 3, 2009

This Week in Online Audio Fiction

So here's a quick Wrap-Up of what's been going on in the Podcasting and Online Audio Fiction world this week.

It doesn't get crazier than this: To promote his transmedia novel Personal Effects: Dark Art, author JC Hutchins is giving away a SWORD. Yes, thanks to Matt Wallace, author of The Next Fix, The Failed Cities Monologues and the KILL the FEED Podcast, Hutchins is offering his fans an opportunity to win a real-life sword, signed in blood, to coincide with the Sword of Blood novella podcast. And all you have to do to enter is help promote PE:DA to your friends.

Phil Rossi has released Episode 1 of his new podcast novel, Harvey, to the sound of long-held breaths being expelled by his many fans. Meanwhile, Rossi's Cover Me contest continues on Twitter and YouTube. Remember, July 9th, 1pm (EDT?) is the time and the date to storm Crescent up the Amazon charts. I'll be getting up early for that one (6am over here!).

I'd like to express my thanks to the wonderful people at who put me onto Trunk and Disorderly, by Charles Stross. This short and hilarious sci-fi story is 13 chapters long and about 2 hours listening. It's like Monty Python on Mars, but better. Seriously refreshing comedy.

Jennifer Hudock has opened the gates to The Goblin Market. Get over there for a listen; dark fairy tale fantasy with heart. But don't, whatever you do, forgot to take a silver coin. Or it could all go bad.

Fantasy author Brain Rathbone has released the second instalment of his Dawning of Power Trilogy, Inherited Danger, as a free audiobook. If you haven't already, check out my review of the first book in the series, Call of the Herald.

And hot on the heels of launcing his Invasion, The Zombie Chronicles author James Melzer has dropped his new freeform podcast, Unleashed. Two episodes in one week, including a frank and funny interview with Jack Wakes Up author Seth Harwood. I was surprised by the tone of this interview, which was a lot more open than I've come to expect from author interviews in the past. Never have I heard a heard an author slam his publisher so hard in public. To anyone who is either a writer or an aspiring podcaster, this interview is a must to listen to.

If you have a podcast novel or other online fiction event that you think I should know about, especially in the audio world, leave me a comment with a link and I'll check it out. You can also find me on Twitter.


  1. Dan, you RULE! Thanks for the ulta-generous evangelism to the Sword of Blood contest! Matt Wallace and I appreciate the support!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the support, Dan. You're devotion to our work completely overwhelms me. ROCK ON!

  3. No, thanks to YOU GUYS, for sharing such awesome content with us all.

    May your eminence grow!


  4. Uh oh... I better go back and re-listen to that interview. Nah, just kidding. Gotta keep it real, peeps. Just blowin off some steam.

    Any JACK PALMS fans here?


  5. Dan,

    I LOVE this blog! Why haven't I found it sooner? Thanks for all the great stuff that you're doing here.


  6. Hey Seth

    I loved the honesty,and I totally got where you were coming from, too. You innovate to break the mold and succeed, then they try to fit you back in, and it just doesn't work!

    Anyway, Podagogue has only been going for a month. I reposted a bunch of reviews from my other blog, Freshly Ground, where they were confusing the tastes and smells there.

    Glad you could drop by!

    PS, loved JP II. Review coming soon.