Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Endings and New Beginnings

The truth is, I was never really cut out to be a great reviewer. Aside from the fact that I only really reviewed the stuff I liked - once I figured out there was so much good content out there in the podosphere I realised that if I didn't like something, I didn't have to listen to it - there was also the matter of consistency.

I think that people appreciate a certain level of regularity when it comes to content review, and it was not long after I started with the Podagogue reviews that I realised I was not going to be delivering up a review every week, as I had intended. It's not that I wasn't listening to good stuff, because I was, and still am, consuming great podcasts every day. It's just a time factor. Writing good reviews that are worthy of the work that has been done is time-consuming, and I would rather be spending that time writing instead.

Not only that, but the marvellous Odin1eye has been doing a bang-up job, achieving what I set out to do here, over at his View from Valhalla blog. You can rely on his reviews to be consistently reliable and reliably consistent, which mine never were.

So, from hereon in, I shall be found over at my revamped homepage, Dan.Rabarts.com. There you'll find links to all my bits and pieces, including fiction and news from the exciting world of yet another aspiring writer.

Please come on over and say 'Hi'. I'd love to meet you there.